Osprey’s Dominion

Our philosophy is to produce the best wines with the least interference from humankind. We believe our unique location, soil complexity and Mother Nature give us something different to work with each year, and our vocation is to develop what we’ve been given into the very best wines possible.

The Long Island wine region is located at approximately the same latitude as the great wine growing regions of France and the U.S. (Napa Valley). Being surrounded, yet sheltered, by both the LI Sound and Peconic Bay, we truly believe our location and the complexity of our farming soil contribute significantly to the quality and character of our grapes, and hence, our wines.

Our first vines were planted on 24 acres in 1983. After adding many additional acres by the early 90’s, we began producing the Osprey’s Dominion brand.

We invite you to: Enjoy our website, enjoy our wines, and most importantly, visit our winery and tasting room for an experience you will never forget.

We create our wines to please the most discerning palates.

That statement is validated by the many awards we have received by prestigious organizations such as:


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