Ideas for a Wine-Inspired Escort Table for a Wedding

  • wine tastingAn escort table sets a first impression for your guests as they enter the reception. Finding a classic, timeless and intriguing way to display your theme should include simple accents that reflect the wedding’s tone. To complete a wine inspired escort table for your wedding, consider color scheme and presentation to wow your guests during your big day.
  • All About Color

  • A wine inspired escort table will need to take into consideration the color palate associated with different wines. From Merlot to chardonnays, the colors you choose will set the tone for the remainder of the table. If you are going with warmer colors for your wedding, your escort table might include an overlay of deep purples and crimson fabrics. Escort cards can be printed on cork colored stock paper with text that matches the fabrics. If you prefer to go with a lighter color palate that reflects golden-toned wines, decorate your table with gold and cream colors.
  • From the Vine

  • A simple and yet elegant inclusion for a wine inspired escort table can also include images from the vine. Grape leaves, faux grapes and touches of green will provide a wonderful outline for the escort cards to rest upon. Escort cards could also be tied on different sections of the vine for guests to retrieve, using thin wire.
  • Bottled Up

  • If you would prefer that your escort table focus more on the wine, as opposed to the vine, you might include a bottle of wine as a favor to be served for each table. Coordinating bottles can be paired with the escort cards of each guests. Guests will enjoy finding their own personal bottle and sharing it as cocktails are served. The same gesture can be done with wine glasses or wine bottle toppers and openers as favors.
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