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Wine Trivia For Your Next Tasting Party

Prior to the Civil War, Ohio was considered America’s most important wine producing state. The art of wine making is believed to have been originated by the Mesopotamians around 6000 B.C. A case of wine holds 12 bottles. The use of cork as a seal for wine bottle dates back to the late 17th century […]

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The Tricks to Tasting Fine Wine

Wine, especially that for which you have paid a premium, is worth more than a quick swallow. So perhaps this section should be entitled ‘Wine Appreciation’, because there is a lot more to judging the quality of a wine than just tasting it. Predominantly it involves smell, using that organ which protrudes from the front […]

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Wine Paring

What’s better about this time of year than all the feasting we get to do with family and friends? As you’ll see elsewhere in this month’s newsletter, we’ve included some recipes for you to try. Below are some great wine pairings for various dishes. A great way to start the New Year festivities is with […]

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Ideas for a Wine-Inspired Escort Table for a Wedding

An escort table sets a first impression for your guests as they enter the reception. Finding a classic, timeless and intriguing way to display your theme should include simple accents that reflect the wedding’s tone. To complete a wine inspired escort table for your wedding, consider color scheme and presentation to wow your guests during […]

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How to Cure a Hangover from Wine

  While any type of alcohol can lead to a hangover, wine can cause a particularly bad one. Red wine will cause a worse hangover than white wine, due to its higher level of fermentation. The only surefire way to steer clear of a hangover is to avoid alcohol altogether. The severity of your hangover […]

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Why and How to Taste

A good wine is whatever wine you like. But how you determine what you like is a process called wine tasting. Wine drinkers should follow several steps when evaluating a wine. Knowing the steps will help you appreciate the beauty and complexity of wine. In order to get more out of your wine drinking experience, […]

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