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5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers

Unsure about mixing your iPhone with wine? Well, if you’re a true vinophile, the iPhone is an amazing device to keep you more connected to your wine. The following list of top wine apps on the iPhone will convince you that mixing the two is worth the risk of spilling some pinot noir on your […]

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Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine can be a pleasure and an enhancement to good food and a fine meal. When wine is heated, the alcoholic content as well as sulfites disappear, leaving only the essence and subtle flavor of the wine. The first important step is to use a wine you like to drink. If you do […]

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Wine Paring

What’s better about this time of year than all the feasting we get to do with family and friends? As you’ll see elsewhere in this month’s newsletter, we’ve included some recipes for you to try. Below are some great wine pairings for various dishes. A great way to start the New Year festivities is with […]

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Valentine’s Event

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day … a little early … with The East End Trio at Ospreys Dominion on Saturday Feb. 12! The East End Trio will be performing from 1pm to 5pm. Get there early! The fine folks at Ospreys Dominion will be providing a wine and chocolate pairing from 1pm to 2pm. Mark your […]

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