Wine Paring

What’s better about this time of year than all the feasting we get to do with family and friends? As you’ll see elsewhere in this month’s newsletter, we’ve included some recipes for you to try. Below are some great wine pairings for various dishes.

A great way to start the New Year festivities is with a nice warm glass of Spice Wine. Try pairing Spice Wine with baked Brie cheese during an early evening cocktail hour.

If you’re serving ham, Osprey’s 2008 Carmenere may be the way to go.  Traditional pork dishes are well complemented with full-bodied red wines, and this Bordeaux red fits the bill. Long Island’s first and only winery to produce a Carmenere, Osprey’s 2008 Carmenere follows the runaway success of the 2007 Carmenere, which flew off the shelves at Osprey’s tasting room earlier in 2010.

If you are enjoying a seafood dish, you may want to try one of our whites. Many fish, such as salmon, go very well with white wines. Osprey’s Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for pairing with salmon as its fruity bite works well with the rich, distinct flavors of the fish. You can also never go wrong with Osprey’s Chardonnay, a tasting room favorite.

And of course, many families serve turkey as the centerpiece to their feast in the coming weeks. If you have guests from both sides of the white/red fence, you have options. Osprey’s tart and lively 2009 Gewurztraminer is great for the white option, while our 2006 Cabernet Franc is an excellent bold red for the red lovers at the table.

For dessert, you can go with the previously mentioned Spice Wine, or pop open a bottle of one of Osprey’s inviting sparkling wines, such as the Rose De Noir. The sparkling wines are perfect for celebrating 2011.

Whatever wines you choose to enjoy as you celebrate the final weeks of 2010 and beginning weeks of 2011, have a happy and safe holiday season!

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