Osprey’s Dominion 2007 Cabernet Franc: Deep, Velvety and Dark

Some wines are just downright sexy, usually due to deep extraction of flavors and a soft and silky texture. They’re big wines, usually, packed with flavor. Here’s a good example from a grape usually know for being lean.

The wine: Osprey’s Dominion 2007 Cabernet Franc, a dark garnet, almost rusty, colored wine that comes from one of the banner vintages on Long Island.

Aromas (Nose): Deep and spicy scents of black licorice, raspberry and mint jump out of the glass followed by creamy, cherry-vanilla notes. Hints of smoke and chocolate, and a faint whiff of cherry candy add further depth.

Taste (Palate): Those faint cherry candy aromas explode when it comes to taste, though the deep fruit is balanced by flavors of vanilla, blackberry, cedar and cola. Flavors of green herbs and raisins that blast of cherry fruit carry on the long finish.

Similar to: Flavor profile is very reminiscent of a Southern Italian red, perhaps from the Salento region.

Food pairing: The big fruit cries for something salty, like an assortment of dried sausages.

Awards: This wine won the Cabernet Franc category at the 2010 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.

Price: $24 at the tasting room.
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