How to Have a Fun & Interesting Wine Tasting

In the 6 years we’ve had our wine club, our members struggle when it’s their month to host, coming up with a unique and interesting idea for a tasting. I’m going to share with you an idea that my fiancee came up with that was a real hoot.
And the idea is: “The Effects of Music on the Taste of Wine”, sounds odd, huh? But believe it or not, there have been many studies done on this idea and you will be shocked at the results

Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Wine & Music
  1. Step 1

    I made 2 CD’s. First I would record 6 to 10 minutes of mellow music, like Sinatra or anything slow and easy listening. Next I would record a rock song like Van Halen, U2, anything rock(not metal), about 6 to 10 minutes. I would continue this method until I had 2 CD’s filled with music. That will get you through a 6 to 8 bottle tasting.

  2. Step 2

    What you’re going to do with the wine is, serve it to them twice(They’ll wonder where all the wine came from, just tell them you bought some exta bottles). Put the bottle in a paper bag so no one can see the label. Pour during the mellow music, after you’re done with that, take it back into your kitchen(or anywhere you can’t be seen, put the same bottle in a different bag and pour again during the rock music.

  3. Step 3

    Have everyone jot down notes for each tasting. You will be amazed at the difference. At our tasting, one bottle of Merlot was basically going bad, first tasting with the mellow music everyone said “This is just awful! Second time I brought it out with the rock music, everyone said it was OK, one person wrote “WOW” in their notes.

    One thing though, don’t let anyone know(except if you’re having this tasting with a partner) what the tasting is about.

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