Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine can be a pleasure and an enhancement to good food and a fine meal. When wine is heated, the alcoholic content as well as sulfites disappear, leaving only the essence and subtle flavor of the wine.

The first important step is to use a wine you like to drink. If you do not enjoy the flavor of a wine while drinking it, you will not enjoy it in a recipe. Experimenting with different wine varietals as marinades, dressings, and sauces can send your taste buds into euphoria.

Wine has many uses in cooking – as a marinade, a cooking liquid, and as a final flavoring element in a completed dish. The function of the wine is to intensify or enhance the flavor and aroma of the food. You do not want to mask the inherent flavors of what you are serving. A large amount of wine is not necessary to create the desired outcome. A small quantity of wine will still enhance the flavor of the dish.

For best results, wine should not be added to a dish just before serving. The wine should simmer with the food or sauce. Wine added too late in the preparation can give a harsh quality.

Please enjoy some recipes and explore your own. Bon appetite!

Baked Ham in Champagne

Braised Chestnuts with Port

Stringed Beef Brisket with Cabernet Sauvignon

Potato and Artichoke Salad with Chardonnay

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