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Lighted Wine bottles (Tutorial)

First drill a hole in the back of bottle near the bottom using a 3/4″ diamond core bit. We order these from Diamond drill company They have a wesite.Next, in order to coat the bottles so they won’t peel too easily, I spray them with several coats of polyurethae spray. Next, measure out about 1/4 […]

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Wine Myths and Legends

   The first wine fallacy that we will explore is the old raspberry that red wine must be served at room temperature. To begin with, most of the wine rules were developed centuries ago; before there was central heating and air conditioning. The rooms, in those days, were cold. Storage areas for food and wine […]

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Wine Cork Crafts

Wine cork crafts can be made into many different functional and fun projects. Crafts with wine corks are a great craft item for building a very large number of projects. I have tried to cover a few basic information ideas for creating crafts out of cork. When you finish up a bottle of wine, you […]

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