TreeHouse Tasting No.35: Osprey’s Dominion Riesling


You can see from this photo that Lady Jess is happy to see that I pulled something together for our cooking challenge this week. Yes, indead. I put together a pan fried marinaded chicken with spicy green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, (even though cranberries aren’t really in season). I got the idea from a dish I usually get at Park Chow, the location of our first date, (aawww). I love the way all the flavors work together. You gotta make sure to get a bit of each thing with every bite! Juicy lemony chicken, starchy mashers, spicy green beans, and tart cranberry sauce. Yum!

This isn’t a Vittles & Vino piece, and I’m no cook, so I won’t get into the food prep too much. But I’m proud to say that I steamed the beans to perfection, fried the chicken just right, and made the rest from instant products, (can’t take much credit for that, except for knowing my limits). I didn’t make the marinade either, (next time I will). It was Stubb’s brand Chicken Marinade, “a Special Blend of Citrus, Herbs, and Sesame”. It’s real good, but I’m disappointed in the fact that it has some corn syrup in it.

I decided to pair the meal with Osprey’s Dominion 2008 Riesling that I picked up while in New York. For around $15 this Riesling is a deal and a half. Nice big floral/herb nose and sour grapefruit on the palate. Nice acid. It worked pretty well with the meal. I liked it with the citrus marinade chicken and the green beans very much.

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