10 Gadgets for Wine Geeks

For all the sophistication of serious wine appreciation, there’s something pretty geeky about it. The whole collecting aspect of it, not to mention all that time spent with a bottle in your hand and so very little attention to getting hammered, kind of brings out the geek in anyone who gets into it. That said, we’ve collected a set of gadgets and wine-appreciation tools that a geek can really appreciate.

Infrared Wine Thermometer


Sticking a thermometer into your bottle of wine works fine, but there’s something a little more appealing about remotely checking the temperature of wine. This non-contact Infrared Wine Thermometer allows you to simply point the hand-held device at your bottle and guage the temperature of the wine within.

Intelliscanner Wine Collector 200


Wine organization has never been so easy. The Intelliscanner allows you to simply scan the barcode on a bottle of wine for automatic identification of the bottle with details like the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, and region. You can then download the information to your PC and allow the Intelliscanner software to automatically calculate optimal maturity periods, track multiple bottles on a custom grid, track locations with built-in Virtual Cellar, and store custom ratings.



The next step in wine organization–and a device reserved for the serious winer user–eSommelier is an interactive wine guide for the home wine cellar. Featuring an integrated touch screen and optional barcode reader, the eSommelier allows you to smoothly incorporate new wines into your collection and organize data for easy tabletop access to information including age, peak, price, etc.

Wine Enthusiast Wine Master (Special Edition)


If there’s an easy way to carry around 10,000 wine ratings and reviews, this is it. An invaluable tool when at the wine store or even for when ordering at a restaurant with a broad selection, the Wine Master also contains invaluable information like food/wine pairings, a glossary of wine terminology, and quick-read numerical wine ratings. You can also sort by winery/brand, type of wine, grape variety, country, rating, or price.

Preservo Wine Preservation Steward


Because you’re not going to finish a bottle of wine every time you open it, the Preservo Wine Preserver allows you to preserve the wine as closely as possible to its originally-opened state. Oxidation, which ruins the wine, occurs when your cork a bottle or even use a pump preserver. The Preservo, on the other hand, uses argon cartridges to blanket the wine surface with an inert gas, creating a true vacuum in the bottle.

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller


White wine drinkers out there will be familiar with the merely passable taste of lukewarm wine chilled (but not quite really chilled) in the freezer a few minutes before dinner. The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller remedies the situation with an extreme cooling function that will chill a bottle of wine in 3.5 minutes.

Enomatic Wine Serving System


If the idea of serious, regular home wine tasting has ever crossed your mind, you’ll want to be aware of your options. The Enomatic Wine Serving System creates electronic push-button serving of up to 16 bottles in a temperature-controlled environment that protects and preserves the wine while you’re not pouring. Kind of like a robot wine waiter.

Battery-Operated Corkscrew


A two-foot countertop wine opener that looks like a rabbit works great and all, but this Battery-Operated Corkscrew works and feels like a real gadgets. Simply place the corkscrew’s tip over your cork, press the button, and the device automatically corks your wine for you.

Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar


A slightly ridiculous luxury item to be sure, the Angelshare Single Bottle Cellar is nonetheless a wine gadget-savvy wine connoisseur’s dream. The device stores one bottle of wine at optimal temperature and humidity, keeping out external ultraviolet light with a shaded window and negating vibration with a motorless design.

Vino Vault


The Vino Vault is no mere wine fridge. Utilizing the same argon-gas preservation technique of the Preservo Wine Steward mentioned above, the Vino Vault allows you to store and preserve open bottles of wine alongside 15 other unopened bottles. The machine also features a window in the door so you know which bottle you’ve left opened.

Bonus: Brass Knuckles Wine Opener


While not exactly a gadget, no wine connoisseur with a sense of humor can miss the appeal of this corkscrew.

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